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Beaufort Aluminium Slimline Bi-fold Doors Security Features

When anyone has new windows or doors installed in their home, security is always at the forefront of their mind.

That is why all of our doors have been designed and manufactured with security in mind. Not only giving people what they want, but what they need; excellent security without compromise. With our doors you can have peace of mind and rest assure that your home is safe and secure.

The key security features of these doors are outlined below:

Heavy Duty Shoot bolts
Heavy duty shoot bolts secure the door at the top and bottom of each intermediate panel. Each set of shoot bolts is operated by a pop-out T-handle.

They are specially designed to provide a tight fit into the outer frame, giving maximum compression and increased weather performance. The shoot bolts are chamfered for smooth easy engagement when securing the panels into the outer frame. They firmly secure the doors in place, to create a solid barrier to protect against forced entry.

High Security Multipoint Locking
Traffic doors allow for outside access and as a result need to be highly secure. Our Continental Folding Doors are fitted with high security multi-point locking to traffic doors, as standard.

The locking mechanism has a total of four locking points. Two deep throw hook locks, which lock onto the outer frame. This way even if the intermediate shoot bolts are not engaged the doors cannot be pulled away from the frame. A standard latch, which will hold the door closed even when not locked and a dead bolt to secure the door in the centre.

Double traffic doors have a master and a slave door. The master door has the locking described above and locks onto keeps situated on the slave door. While the slave door have additional shootbolt locking top and bottom, which are operated by finger latches.

Lockable Pop-Out T-handles
Despite the fact that the T-handles are to the inside only, all of these handles have a key locking facility as standard. This is just so you can simply lock the handle on the inside, as you would your windows, for added peace of mind. This is especially useful on bifold door styles without a traffic door, or outside access.

The key on all T-handle cylinders can be keyed-a-like so that you only need one key to operate every T-handle, on each of your doors. However since the cylinder on traffic doors is an snap-secure cylinder you will always have a separate key for the traffic doors.

Dedicated Bogey Guide
The bogey wheel assemblies have a dedicated guide that runs inside the channel of the outer frame, at the top and bottom of the doors. This guide not only gives the doors additional strength and stability, but also provide anti-jemmy security, preventing the folding panels from being forced or levered off of the track.

This guide has been cleverly designed to protect you against forced entry and help to keep the doors stable and running smoothly.

High Security Glazing
The glass for our Folding Sliding Doors is toughened safety glass as standard. The sealed units are then internally glazed with a high security glazing bead for added security and ease of installation.

Because the sealed units are installed internally they can only be removed from inside the property.

You can upgrade to 6mm laminated glass for further strength and security (at an additional cost).

Superior Locking Cylinders
We offer a range of superior euro profile cylinders that offer total protection and the highest possible levels of security demanded by British Standards. The cylinder protects against all methods of attack and includes unique features such as built in pick resistance, anti-drill, anti-bump and Snap Secure technology.

As well as being Kite Marked under BSI and exceeding BS EN1303:2005, the latest security standard and PAS024 for advanced security, these cylinders have also achieved secured by design accreditation. This is the police preferred specification, which focuses on crime prevention.

Cylinder Snapping

Complete Bi-Folds UK are committed to providing the most secure doors and bi-folding doors on the market, due to the short comings of standard door cylinder locks we now offer a range of superior locking cylinders. Door cylinder snapping is on the rise. With every day tools, an educated, knowledgeable and experienced burglar can break in through a standard door cylinder lock in less than 30 seconds.

With one of our high security superior locking cylinders this is not possible. An opportunistic burglar may snap and remove the external half of these superior cylinders, but the internal half remains locked and secure. These cylinders achieve this by blocking access to the internal mechanism, once the external half has been snapped off.

Cylinder Features

  • Pick resistant, anti-drill and anti-bump design.
  • Anti-snap secure technology - cylinders impervious to manual attack after snapping.
  • Superior physical strength and durability provides; high resistance to forced attack, saw attack and tamper resistance.
  • No additional prep required - easy retrofit.
  • They exceed PAS024 testing for advanced security, without the need for security handles or cylinder guards.
  • Smooth reliable operation.
  • Superior Series Key.
  • Independently tested and awarded British Standard Kite Mark stamp (conforms to BS EN1303:2005).
  • Police preferred Secured by Design accreditation.
  • Can be ordered in keyed alike, thumb turn, singles & double profile formats.

We will generally offer either a Magnum Secure Lock Systems; Superior Cylinder Lock, an Avocet Hardware; ABS locking cylinder or equivalent superior locking cylinder. All of the cylinder locks we offer, are snap secure locking cylinders that carry the BSI Kite Mark, PAS024 and Secured By Design accreditations as described above. For more information please visit their web pages directly.

More information on the Avocet ABS locking cylinder and the Magnum Superior Cylinder.