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Bi-fold Installation Guide

The installation of bi-fold doors is reasonably easy compared to other doors (for example: French Doors), and invariably requires the following process:

  1. Install the top track first and then install the bottom track (some bifold doors may not require a bottom track). If there is a bottom track make sure it's fitted on the floor directly below the top track

  2. Insert the bottom pivot point into the bottom track socket and then insert the top pivot point into the top track socket. Retract the pivot point (the top pivot point is usually spring loaded), place it in position and then release it.

  3. Position both the upper and lower sliding guides in the track channel and then space the panels evenly, fitting them to the door opening by adjusting the track sockets.

  4. If you need to raise or lower the panels, adjust the height of the lower pivot pin.


  • sill - head - jambs must be fitted absolutely level and square or doors will not operate correctly.

  • Make sure the doors are toe and heeled correctly.*

  • The drainage on the cill is always placed at the bottom, with the drainage hole to the outside.

  • Allow plenty of time to fit all the gaskets, as this is a very important operation, which, if not carried out correctly, will result in poor operation and inadequate weather protection

how to measure for bi-fold doors

As a rule of thumb good surveying practice involves checking your measurements two or three times. Never rely on a single measure. The old adage measure twice make once still applies today.

By checking your measurements two or three times you will help ensure that costly mistakes are not made. The diagrams below are intended to help you in your measuring of your Bi-fold aperture. Remember we view everything from the outside.

Step 1
how to measure the diagonals for a bi-fold installation Measure the diagonals to ensure the opening is square by measuring the diagonals as shown. These should equal to confirm the squareness of the opening.

Step 2
how to measure the width for a bi-fold installation Measure the width in 3 places as shown. (Top, centre and bottom) take the smallest measurement and deduct 10mm to give your manufacturing size.

how to measure the height for a bi-fold installation Measure the height of the opening in 3 places as shown. (Left, middle and right) Once again deduct 10mm from the smallest measurement to give the manufacturing size.

* How To Toe and Heel Doors and Windows
Toeing and Heeling? Doors are heavy, and although the dead weight is supported on the hinge side when it is opened, there is nothing on the lock side to support the weight, and without the procedure of toeing and heeling the door will "drop" on the handle side, sooner or later causing locking problems . To stop a door or sash dropping the glass or door panel has to be braced diagonally corner to corner by the insertion of plastic packers slipped in the gap between the glass and frame, under the beading. On the hinge side the packers go at the bottom corner, whilst on the lock side, the packers go at the top (opposite) corner - place a blob of silcon underneath the packers on the door sides to stop the packers dropping (dont let silicon touch the glazing unit this will cause the unit to fail)