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facts about bi-folds

Most people think Bi-folds Doors are a super product and good value for money - offering style, quality and security.

However if you are looking at Bi-folds from various suppliers we would strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with the key points of each of the bi-folds you are considering and visit the showroom before buying.

We believe in this so strongly that we have already added a discount on our bi-fold doors as an incentive for you to visit our showroom before you buy!

Factory Showrooms (Bi-folding Doors)

Always visit the Factory Showroom if possible to see and use the product before you buy.

We think this is very important on an expensive item like a Bi-fold, and visiting a showroom will also show you other products such as windows and doors that will compliment the bi-folding doors you may wish to purchase.

Importantly when visiting a showroom you should not expect to receive a hard sell (for example at our showrooms in Essex we only have Technical Consultants - Not Sales Consultants), you should be left to peruse the showroom at your own leisure, touch, feel the products and be provided with information and advice on any of the products that you require.

Supply Only, Supply and Fix or Supply and Fit (Bi-fold Doors)

We offer a Supply Only Service direct through our website plus a Supply and Fit service, with excellent guarantees being provided when products are being fitted by our team of professionals.

When deciding between a supply only service or a supply and fit service always consider the guarantee options as some fitting services offer a significant extended guarantee beyond that offered by the manufacturer.

UK Made (Bi-fold Doors)

Doors manufactured in the UK tend to offer good guarantees and quality as well as short lead times (around two to three weeks on standard white products from date of confirmed order).

Made to Measure or Ready Made (Bi-fold Doors)

Doors that are made to measure might be more expensive but they should be of good quality and a good fit, obviously ready-made doors are an option and generally would be less expensive ... but then you do get what you pay for.

And where bi-folds are being considered you are generally trying to maximise the amount of glass within the aperture to allow as much of the outside in as is possible.

Outward or Inward Opening Bi-fold Doors

A very high percentage of doors sold open outwards, however there are cheaper doors on the market that only open inwards. Open in will normally take up valuable room space - hence why most doors sold open outwards, and also doors which open in allow water to drip from the doors when open into the house.

Because some companies only sell open in doors they are sometimes tempted to turn the door around to make it open out - you should not do this as the security of the door will become very poor, plus any external tracks that would have been internal will now get subjected to dirt and rain.

Another consideration for open-in doors is that they may interfere with blinds or curtains.

Bi-fold Door Strength

The Aluminium profile along with the multi-point locking make these Bi-fold Doors an extremely strong, durable and reliable door.

Easy to Use Bi-folds

Doors should be easy to slide and fold - and use the highest quality parts. Fitted correctly doors should be a joy to use and despite their weight they should slide using the force of a single finger, again a good reason to visit the factory showroom and see for yourself.

visit our B-fold Door Showroom

You Get What You Pay For

We believe you get what you pay for. You should always test products to ensure that they are designed to give years of great service and enjoyment, and that any fitting services carry good guarantees. After all you will not be replacing your doors for many years - so it makes sense to get a good quality door, and fitting service from the outset.