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bi-fold door materials

There are three basic bi-fold door construction/fabrication materials, these are; Aluminium, UPVC and Hardwood each of which have different attributes that support their use.

We however (as a company philosophy) through experience in the industry gained over nearly 30 years, ONLY SUPPLY ALUMINUM Bi-folding Doors because they are solid, reliable, secure and long lasting.

Aluminium / UPVC Bi-folds - What is the difference?

Although we have many years experience selling and fitting UPVC Bi-Folds we have now stopped providing this product due to the following factors:

  • When we first started to supply and fit UPVC Bi-folding doors there was a definite benefit to buy as UPVC was half the price of Aluminium

  • Over the years Aluminium has become less expensive and continues to improve as a bi-fold door manufactured product

  • Aluminium bi-fold doors are purpose built and designed from scratch on the drawing board to become the best and most reliable bi-folding door system available on the market today

  • UPVC has never been designed/developed for specific use as bi-folding doors, they are merely made from a mixture of existing components put together to become a Heath Robinson type of bi-fold

  • Although UPVC bi-fold doors work and are widely used they have exposed hinges face fixed on the outside of the doors making them an obvious security risk

  • Aluminium or UPVC Bi-fold doors can be made to open inwards or outwards, the choice is yours, however it is recommended that UPVC only opens inwards for security reasons

  • Aluminium doors are slimmer than UPVC due to Aluminium's greater strength like-for-like, therefore you can maximise the glass area of the doors

  • UPVC Bi-folds expand in the heat much more than Aluminium Bi-folds

  • Individual Aluminium doors have a maximum width capability of 1200mm whereas UPVC has a maximum width ability of 800mm

  • Aluminium has a maximum height advantage of 3000mm against UPVC being only capable of 2400mm

  • Aluminium has a choice of over 100 RAL colours whereas UPVC has a choice of up to 8 colours

  • Aluminium doors can have level (15mm, sunk into the floor) walk-through thresholds, whereas UPVC cannot as the threshold is a minimum of 51mm

Couple all of the above with the fact that the price difference is almost negligible on certain size/door combinations makes Aluminium the perfect choice every time. This is why we only Supply and Fit and Supply Only Aluminium Bi-fold / Sliding Doors.

Hardwood Bi-fold - How does it compare?

hardwood bi-fold doors

As with UPVC the problems with Hardwood are virtually the same when compared to Aluminium.

The biggest problems with Timber/Hardwood bi-folds are:

  • The necessary ongoing maintenance year after year

  • The extremely large timber section (profiles/mullions) which decrease the available light coming through the doors when closed

  • They are extremely big/large and cumbersome and generally top hung requiring suitable fixing and load bearing considerations

Again making Aluminium Bi-folds the perfect choice every time unless there is a particular aesthetic reason why Timber/Hardwood needs to be used.


Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

The Beaufort Bi-fold Door System 'Slim Line'

The Beaufort Bi-fold Door System SlimLine

The Beaufort System 'Slim Line' Bi-folding door with a low threshold option (just 22mm step over) has a concealed drainage feature that interfaces with external drainage channels.

Designed with the input of Belgium expertise, we believe that this is one of the very best all round folding doors on the market. With over a 90% aperture this 'Slim Line' Bi-folding door will literally transform your living space.

Smarts 1000 New Generation Bi-fold Door Slimline Series

Smarts 1000 New Generation Bi-fold Door Slimline Series

The Smarts 1000 New Generation Slimline Bi-fold door system offers our slimmest bi-folding doors yet.

Designed to bring a graceful elegance to your home, they allow for over a 90% clear opening - bringing the outside in, and are very competitively priced, with very slim profiles to minimise frame and maximise the glazing area.

Widely recognised by most installers as one of the best Bi-Folding door on the market today.

The doors are manufactured using the unique POLYAMIDE thermal break system supplied by SMARTS.

This superior system guarantees excellent performance coupled with unparalleled insulation and excellent long-term reliability.

Instant On-line Bi-fold Door Quote offers you a Professional Supply Only or Supply and Fix Aluminium Bi-fold Door Sales Service whilst our sister company, Complete Bi-folds UK, offers a full Supply and Fit Sales Service; please use our Quote Engine for prices on our fantastic quality products delivered direct to your door.

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Our Services are as follows:

Supply Only we manufacture to your measurements, doors are then delivered to site with manufactures warranties only.

Supply and Fix we manufacture to your measurements, this service offers a 12 month on-site warranty, plus manufacturers warranties along with optional site survey for an additional fee.

Supply and Fit we provide a full on-site survey and recommendations with FENSA certification, Complete 10 Year on-site warranty with written guarantee plus CPA (Consumer Protection Association) Insurance Backed Guarantee and manufacturers standard warranties. All of our fitters are experienced and employed by our company (we do not sub-contract). This service is offered by our sister company Complete Bi-folds UK click here for Full Supply & Fit quotation.

map showing suppply and fit areas; Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Bi-fold Doors Delivery (Supply Only) and (Supply and Fix) and (Supply and Fit) Service Areas

The areas that we service in the UK are, Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

If you are located within any of these counties we would be happy to Supply Only, Supply and Fix and or Supply and Fit your Bi-fold Doors.