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Bi-folding Door Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the bi-fold doors internally or externally glazed?

The doors should be internally glazed to increase security, ensuring there is no access to the beads from outside the property. However, you must check before you buy as some companies still externally bead.

Are bi-folds easy to install?

Yes they are easy to install with full instructions. Any competent fitter will be able to make an excellent job of fitting Bi-folds. All of the hard work is carried out in the manufacturing stages at the factory. However not all installers provide guarantees or FENSA Certification, so you should always check.

Can bi-fold doors open inwards or outwards

Generally Aluminium or UPVC Bi-fold doors can be made to open inwards or outwards, the choice is yours, however it is recommended that UPVC only opens inwards.

What's the difference between Aluminium Bi-folding doors and UPVC Bi-folding doors

Aluminium Bi-folding doors are purpose made from a drawing board to be a Bi-fold door whereas the UPVC bi-folds use certain parts of the standard UPVC high security Residential doors which is why the UPVC Bi-folds are slightly cheaper than its Aluminium counterpart. Although UPVC bi-fold doors work and are widely used they have exposed hinges face fixed on the outside of the doors making them an obvious security risk. Aluminium doors are slimmer than UPVC due to Aluminium's greater strength like-for-like, therefore you can maximise the glass area of the doors. UPVC Bi-folds expand in the heat much more than Aluminium Bi-folds. Individual Aluminium doors have a maximum width capability of 1200mm whereas UPVC has a maximum width ability of 800mm. Aluminium has a maximum height advantage of 3000mm against UPVC being only capable of 2400mm. Aluminium has a choice of over 100 RAL colours whereas UPVC has a choice of up to 8 colours. Aluminium doors can have level (15mm, sunk into the floor) walk-through thresholds, whereas UPVC cannot as the threshold is a minimum of 51mm.

What's the difference between bi-fold door Thresholds

Both Aluminium and UPVC Bi-folding doors have a choice of 'low thresholds' or standard fully rebated thresholds. The difference between the two is that with a fully rebated standard threshold it offers severe weather rating whereas the low threshold does not ... it in effect offers excellent weather protection but is not recommended for areas of severe exposure. Both offer great weather protection for all areas of the UK. The low threshold option obviously offers the facility of level walk through from inside to outside of your property and can also be used as a division between your house and conservatory.

How secure are bi-fold doors

Many Aluminium and UPVC Bi-folds offer the very latest technology in secure locking systems on the market today. And many are internally glazed with safety glass as standard. But you must always check.

Are bi-fold doors difficult to maintain

Both Aluminium and UPVC Bi-folds are very low maintenance. Both require regular lubrication and checking once a year or whenever the need arises.

What are the U Values for bi-fold doors

These will possibly differ from suppliers and therefore you must ask the question.

Can I have more than 6 panels on my bi-fold

Yes in Aluminium this is generally offered, but you would be advised to enquire to be certain.

My opening is less than 1400mm wide - can I have a Bi-fold

No, generally the smallest opening is 1400mm - this is because each sash has a minimum width of 700mm.

My opening is greater than 6000mm wide - can I have a Bi-fold

Yes, the largest standard opening is 6000mm - this is because standard aluminium bar length is 6500mm. And some suppliers can manufacture doors greater than 6500mm to accommodate wider openings.

What thickness double glazed units can I have in my bi-folds and can I have single glazing

You can have between 6mm and 35mm units. Some suppliers will supply the doors unglazed, single glazed or double glazed. Specialist glazing such as anti-sun, switchable privacy glass and integrated blinds can also be specified.

Are colours other than white available for bi-folding doors

Yes. As standard most suppliers offer white, but they should supply them in any RAL colour. You can also have dual colours - e.g. brown on the outside and white on the inside. Some suppliers also offer different wood grain designs - from beech through to walnut. Aluminium bi-fold have a choice of over 100 RAL colours whereas UPVC has a choice of up to 8 colours.

Do I have to slide all the panels open to use a bi-door

No. Traffic doors allow you to use the door without folding the panels. We recommend you have a traffic door if possible as it allows you to operate the door 'normally' during the winter months - when you don't want to fold the door fully open, and let in the cold air.